Rabu, 02 September 2015

best colored contacts for dark eyes

best colored contacts for dark eyes Ideally, you use hairspray before inserting contact lenses. This is to avoid the entry of the rest of hairspray that will remain in the air for a few seconds after spraying. These waste materials can interfere with contact lens and trigger a variety of problems ranging from mild discomfort to infection. If you must insert contact lenses before applying hairspray, close your eyes for use hairspray and a few seconds later.

Schedule use of contact lenses

For those of you who are new wearing contact lenses, you normally need adjustment time before wearing the lenses for a long period of time. Optician will usually recommend the use of a schedule. This schedule usually includes wearing contact lenses for short periods in the first few days later add usage time. By following this schedule, you will avoid the inconveniences associated with the use of contact lenses too long before the eye accustomed.

Cleaning makeup and contact lenses

Make sure you have removed the first contact lenses before cleaning makeup. This is true for soft and hard contact lenses. It is very important to avoid the impact of the entry of the rest of the makeup into the eyes during the cleaning process. If the rest of the makeup is entered into the contact lenses can add to discomfort at the same time lead to infection if it is damaging the surface of the eye makeup.

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Jumat, 28 Agustus 2015

colored contact lenses for astigmatism

Contact lenses are more popular for many reasons. Besides being more convenient to use than with a glass eye, and also to support the appearance, especially colored contact lenses. By using or choosing colored contact lenses can indeed make us look so different and special. So for a special event and if you want the display look more special, besides COSMETIK and choice of clothing, color contact lenses can be very helpful to further impress on our penampillan.

How to choose the right color contact lenses and in accordance with the color of our skin?


    For those who have white skin, light-colored contact lenses such as blue or gray will look beautiful and fit.
    For those who have brown skin, should avoid colors that are too bright. Warm colors such as honey, brown, amethyst, even gray will look very natural and beautiful.
    For those who have dark skin color, color contact lenses which shine like gold, gray, and hazel, will look very perfect.


So still confused to choose the right color? Try it select two colors, then use in each eye, compare the two in front of the mirror, and with the right lighting. Choose a color that is most appropriate and in accordance with the clothing that will be worn. With colors that blend and in accordance with our appearance, it will definitely make us more confident, colored contact lenses for astigmatism!